With the game world shifting from outdoor to application-based screen games, the developers, as well as players, keep exploring the new games fascinated by what is of interest in the outdoor games. One such game is shooting. Known for its aggression, strategy and a concentration game, shooting games require more of mindfulness and peace over really knowing to shoot CSGO, an online shooting game is one such game gaining popularity as it stepped into the stores. It is a multiplayer game that has to game ranking for each player like csgo mg2, gn4, lem, etc.

About CSGO

CSGO is an online multiplier shooting game standing for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is a popularly emerging platform with the following traits:

  • It allows for regular battles of shooting that involve the most famous playing mode royal mode called the danger mode.
  • It is free software available in desktops and mobiles from both the sites as well as applications in iOS and Android.
  • There are missions and changing game zones and weapons that provide not just variety but new challenges to complete.
  • It is an engrossing game that can be played by people of all generations from kids to the young and the adult. It fits them all.

Rank mg2

It is an average rank given to a player that can have a variety of views as per another player. For a player having rank gn1, it is far better while that with a lem rank the rank is much lower the status. The ranks can take the time or it can grow quickly depending upon how a person plays in the game. It is a completely free platform and as the level rises, the premium upgrade is also free. The ranks are a mere representation of players who are a newbie and those who have been playing for a long time.

It is no way a representation of the skill one holds or has for the game.

Ranks can never satisfy a person. If a person achieves csgo mg2 they’ll probably crave for lem and so on. Therefore focussing on the game with skills over ranks can be better. There is no such thing as the lower rank person is less qualified or has lesser skills. They can be even better. Ranks are a global representation in games for how a person is progressing and therefore should be looked upon as a personal analysis tool over a comparison too.