In the modern world, several people love to play games. As games act as a stress relief to them. There are a wide number of games available under different categories for playing. Some love to play arcade games while some love to play classic games while some love to play action games and so on.

Action games have always been a popular game category Between several adults as well as children’s too. Since the emergence of pub-g, call of duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offence (CS: GO), and so on, several people shifted to the action category games.

CS: GO is one of the most popular games in the action category as a wide number of people love to play this game due to the thrill and excitement it brings to the people. Any person playing an online action game always wants themselves to be on a good as well as a high-rank ad being on a high rank lets the player play the game with high-rank players.

About Ranks In CS: GO

Every player of the ranking game wants themselves to be on a good rank due to the wide number of perks they get to be on a high rank. However, increasing their rank is hard as well as tough. Hence, several people search for a good guide, which helps people to boost their ranks easily and fast. There are several ranks in a game. They range from cs go mge to the global elite. There are two factors on which the jumping of ranks depends. One factor in being an MVP and the other ELO points.

A player becomes an MVP after he has the highest number of kills in the team. The team also affects the rank of a person as if a person has 20 kills, and the team loses, the kill number of the person does not matter.

Level up on the rank also depends on the XP earned. XP points are earned by winning a game that is played on a team basis as well as also a one-player game. These XP points help in increasing the rank of a player from cs go mge to the global elite rank. There are as more as 40 profile ranks of a player that one has to attain. After winning as many as 5000XP, one can have ranked up in their profile.