There are many first-person action games out there, but only a few can fight the popularity of the counter strike franchise. Counter-strike: global offensive is one of the most popular and most highly played games in recent times. In these games, the main baselines remain its multiplayer gaming style. In this, the players will have virtual characters, and they will have to kill each other. But is that it? No several things in the game make it superbly interesting and fun to play. Some of the 100 legit features that make the game highly popular among the massive gaming crowd are:

Various modes

Not every player gaming level is the same, and neither is everyone looking for the same type of fun. Counter-strike: global offensive is a game that allows the players to choose from a long list of gaming modes like:

  • Deathmatch: super-dynamic mode and helps in warming up, and the player respawns quickly after death.
  • Competitive matchmaking: this is match intensive mode and player play to get high up on the ranks.
  • Casual matchmaking: this is a casual gaming mode as the player can gain experience points by playing with real players. Also, the rank does not get affected by this model.
  • War games: to make gaming more fun, this mode takes the player to various maps and physical conditions.
  • Training with bots: this mode is particularly for the beginners as one can get trained while playing against bots.

Highly complex and challenging

The most fun thing about the game is that it is easy to start playing with, as one will only have to choose either counter-terrorists or terrorist teams and keep completing the missions. But as the game rolls on the complexity and challenges increase dynamically. Various things like complex maps, weapons, and shooting of the weapons, make the game more difficult with passing levels. Also, one needs to pay attention to the coordination with fellow players and find a proper communication level to win the mission.

Spend real money

One can buy 100 legit upgrades and various other thongs by spending real money. One of the most bought and sold items in the Counter strike: global offensive are the skins. The players can buy the skins and then can sell them too. The money will be traded through the connected accounts. This keeps the game even more interesting.

Fun community

Gaming communities are always fun to be a part of, except a few toxic ones. Counter-strike: global offensive poses a big community, the members are all fans of the game and take the games quite seriously. As the game is somewhat built in a way that one will never be bored with the changing scenario, the chance to communicate and build relations in the gaming community also rises.